Welcome to Heritage Breed Genetics

Heritage Breed Genetics, HBG, was founded in 2016 with the mission to meet the growing demand for the marketing of Heritage livestock breeds across the United States. We believe that Heritage breeds of all species play a critical role in our nation’s agricultural systems. Unlike contemporary breeds established with single- trait selection and utilized in industrialized food systems, Heritage livestock species have retained an overall hardiness that allows them to flourish in both large and small environments of animal production.

Here at HBG, we understand the many benefits of working with these ancestral breeds firsthand. Since 2012, we have raised Highland cattle, Bluefaced Leicester, Clun Forest, and Scottish Blackface sheep for our own livestock enterprise, Dandelion Ridge Farm. The year 2017 brought further expansion for us as we established an international import and export branch to our veterinary practice. Subsequently, we have had many successful importations of cattle, sheep, and goat semen from around the world. Thus, in direct response to the widespread and growing need to promote and market the exceptional genetics of Heritage livestock in the United States, we launched the Heritage Breed Genetics platform. Contact us today for all your livestock marketing needs!

  • Sourcing New Genetics

  • Importing/Exporting

  • Marketing

  • Storage of Semen & Embryos

  • Direct Customer Distribution of Semen & Embryos

  • Herd/Flock Reproductive Management Consulting

Heritage Breed Genetics is proud to market many breeds and species on our website and social media platforms. We offer multiple marketing options for livestock genetics in the United States. This site allows for the seamless ability to have your bull, ram, or buck listed and advertised. Our full- service e- commerce site even allows for 24/7 shopping and purchasing.

We are honored and proud to offer a unique opportunity to our clients. By creating a “one-stop shop” approach to our businesses, we can provide service for any or all stages of the livestock genetics process. Our veterinary practice, Rolleston Veterinary Services (rollestonvet.com) provides: networking, locating, and connecting our clients to livestock producers internationally, navigating the entire collection and import process, professional storage of semen & embryos, and direct US customer distribution. We then offer top- notch marketing for our clients’ semen and embryos through Heritage Breed Genetics. We are eager, experienced, and fully- equipped to help you throughout any stage of your genetic import journey.

We have been able to evolve in and navigate through the sheep and cattle industry over the last several years from both the perspective of veterinary professionals as well as producers. This has given us the knowledge and experience to advise our clients on herd and flock management, fostering network connections within the industry, and helping clients locate a Laparoscopic AI Technician in your area.