Sourcing New Genetics

Finding a ram, bull, or buck to send to collection in another country can be a cumbersome task. With one of the most vast networks in the industry, HBG is able to connect our clients directly with other livestock producers worldwide. We can help you with any of the communication and organization it requires to successfully get an animal into a collection facility.


One of the more exciting aspects of our job is the importation of animal genetics from around the globe. Heritage Breed Genetics works with Rolleston Veterinary Services (RVS) to facilitate semen imports into the United States from abroad. We have been successfully navigating the latest sheep import permits since the Fall of 2017. We have rams lined up for this years collections. Let us help you with your import needs.


We offer our clients product listings on our state of the art website and a 24/7 full-service e-commerce platform. HBG receives bountiful site traffic and interest as we promote your semen and embryos via our webpage and across social media platforms.

Storage of Semen & Embryos

HBG offers long- term professional storage via cryopreservation of all semen and embryos at Rolleston Veterinary Services, RVS. For more information about our storage facility and terms, please visit

Direct Customer Distribution of Semen & Embryos

Through a seamless release process, clients can sell and ship their genetics to their customers directly from the RVS storage facility.

Reproductive Management Consulting

We want our clients to reach whatever goals you have set to elevate your livestock production. Not only can we help you acquire new genetics, but we can also help you build a management system that brings you results. At HBG, we understand the investment that is made when acquiring new genetics. We want our clients to have the knowledge, tools, and connections to achieve the genetic enhancement you strive for. From answering questions about flock and herd management to connecting you to a LAI technician in your area, we are here to help you maximize your results!